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Buying or selling a Mesa investment property?

Why not use a Mesa property management company?


Who understands the Mesa rental market more than a local property management professional? Unlike a run-of-the-mill real estate agent, a Property Manager evaluates properties as possible rentals and focuses on the items needed to get the most out of an investment. At World Class Properties we understand the location, condition, marketability, tenant appeal and functionality of any given property. We can observe potential pitfalls of a possible investment property in the Phoenix market and give you advice based on solid local experience.

Most agents focus on price and location without the industry knowledge you need in this rental market. We consider many rental-specific factors, such as tenant management and your return on investment. We feel there is big difference between “price” and “good value.” Our goal is to find that balance between a good investment that will bring you long term financial return with a lower cost to maintain and manage your investment.

Some items to consider when buying an investment property:

  • What does the property need to be a good rental?
  • How much money will it cost me to get the property rent ready?
  • How soon can I get it rented?
  • What can I expect for rent?
  • Will the location affect the rent amount?
  • Is the home functional and desirable?
  • Does the property comply with local & state laws for renting?
  • How will a swimming pool impact ownership and the risk involved?
  • Should I avoiding water treatment systems, solar power equipment and unnecessary upgrades?

What is the Value of Professional Mesa Property Management?

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Our goal in assisting our investor buyers is to ensure we find a property that meets their investment objectives, while minimizing the upfront cost to get it rented. Please give us a call to discuss your ideas. Let World Class Properties guide you through the process of finding the right property for a strong, long-term investment.

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