Who Can You Call When You Need Maintenance Work Done on Your Mesa Property?

//Who Can You Call When You Need Maintenance Work Done on Your Mesa Property?

Who Can You Call When You Need Maintenance Work Done on Your Mesa Property?

You’ve probably heard of the cliché: “who you gonna call?” We’re not talking about the Ghostbusters movie today, we’re talking about who you would call if you have a repair needed at one of your rental properties. A lot of people forget to consider this, but a few things need to take place. You need a vendor who is competent, a vendor that will communicate with your tenant and are they going to call or will they just show up? Are they safe and licensed? Are they bonded? What is their billing method? These are the things no one thinks about when they call a vendor.

Finding a Vendor

Mesa landlords who don’t have a portfolio of vendors or repair people to call when something is needed will have to rely on Yelp or Google or Craigslist to find someone. Sometimes, it can be referral based. You want to be certain that whoever you hire is safe, competent, and can back up their work. Most importantly, you want them to communicate effectively with your tenant.

Safety, Quality, and Communication

You’re calling someone you might not know and sending them to a property where you have a tenant living and possibly children. You want to make sure this person is safe. You also want to make sure the person you call is competent. If they show up and look at your problem and then get busy on their phone seeking a YouTube video that explains how to fix it, you’re in trouble. Finally, you want to be sure your vendor can communicate properly with your tenant. They should be respectful and professional. You don’t want them divulging too much information to the tenant after the problem is fixed; you want them discussing those details with you.

Property Management Mesa: Vendor Relationships

At World Class Properties, our Mesa property management experience includes a list of vendors who are tried, true, licensed, bonded, and insured. They know what to expect when working with us. They can communicate with tenants, and they immediately contact our renters when a work order comes in. They can’t always get out there the moment we contact them, but they will set something up right away. Finally, the billing cycle works with us and our owners. You know you’re getting safe, competent, trustworthy professionals. We use these vendors often as our preferred
vendors for repair work, so we get the best price possible for you.

Who Can You Call When You Need Maintenance Work Done on Your Mesa Property1Keep these things in mind when you’re managing a property on your own. You need qualified vendors who will do the work well, communicate with the tenant, and keep you out of trouble. If you have any questions about the vendors we use or if we can provide any other Mesa landlord advice, please contact us at World Class Properties.

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