Out of State Landlords Must Hire a Local Mesa Statutory Agent or Be Fined

When we talk to Mesa landlords, it’s often to provide advice and help on tenant issues; finding a tenant, screening a tenant, and handling tenant maintenance requests. Today, we’re talking about something that has nothing to do with your tenants, but with your property. We’re discussing why Mesa agents are required for out of state [...]

The Basics: City Rental Taxes by the Arizona State Legislature

It’s important to be aware of the required Mesa rental taxes when you’re a landlord with properties in Arizona. A lot of states don’t have rental taxes, but Arizona does. Self-managing owners and even other property managers are not always aware of this tax, and they don’t charge the tax or pay it. Whether you [...]

3 Investor Tips for the Seasoned Mesa Residential Real Estate Investor

As a full service property management company, we often work with investors to find new investment opportunities and properties to add to their portfolios. One of the things that we always try to get across to our owners is the idea of price and value, and the difference between those two concepts. Investing for Price [...]

What is the Average Vacancy Time for Mesa Rental Properties?

In previous blogs, we have talked about the strength of the Mesa rental market and how well everything is renting in our area. However, some owners who are self-managing their properties are still finding themselves with vacant properties 30 days or even 60 – 90 days vacant with a home. Why is this, when there’s [...]